About Us

Grip socks, non-slip socks, sports socks, men’s socks, women’s socks, children’s socks, activewear…. the list goes on.  The product range and choices are endless and this is why Judith Morrissey the Relationship Manager of Toesox Australia loves her job.  Judith understands that it's not just about what you put on your feet or your body – it’s about how it feels, how it wears, and how it performs. In any environment, Judith’s passion for finding the right fit is what gets her and you excited about the Toesox, Tavi Noir and Base 33 product range. 

As a subsidiary company for the family-owned Pilates Reformers Australia, Judith was seconded to Toesox Australia in 2019, to bring her enthusiasm, energy and marketing knowledge to the company.  Her goal was to help build the brand, reputation and level of customer service to individuals, gyms, practices and studios throughout Australia and New Zealand. Judith’s vision was to build and nurture her relationships with her clients to ensure that the personal touches enabled the individual to feel the same excitement about the products that she does.  

She decided to expand her team by looking to the older generation to give them a purpose and to use the many and varied skills that a lifetime in the workforce has given them.  This dedicated team of individuals constantly looks for ways to improve their systems and processes so that they are working efficiently and economically to ensure a sustainable future for the company. 

With each new season, the durability, sustainability and quality of the Toesox Australia range continues to grow and expand and provides a wealth of choices for its customers.  The commitment to exceptional customer service continues to be the number one priority for Judith and her team and this reflects the ethos of the company……grippier, safer, cleaner, better!