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ToeSox Australia

Thank you for choosing the ToeSox brand.

We are here to help at anytime so please don't hesitate to contact us on 61 24647 7109.

To become a ToeSox retailer and gain access to our wholesale prices please click here : APPLICATION

We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Finer Details

  • Discounts are shown below and are displayed on the product page.

Note: A minimum order of 10 socks must be made to finalise at checkout.

The Volume discounts are set out below and on every product page.

  • To achieve the 20% discount you must order more than 4 socks
  • Greater than 10 pairs will achieve the 35% discount.
  • Greater than 20 pairs will achieve the 40% discount.
  • Great than 30 pairs will achieve the maximum discount.

Note this is specific only to the product page you are on and it won't combine products to achieve the greater discount.

  • Freight prices are available on the product page by clicking the calculator.

  • Overseas shipping is available via Australia Post


During checkout you will have the opportunity to leave a comment.

Please give Authority to Leave somewhere safe if you wish to avoid the re-delivery charge.