Toesox Australia Wrapped

Toesox Australia Wrapped

The Toesox Australia Team kickstarted the year with our Spring Summer 2022 Collection, progressed to the Fall Winter Collection and welcomed our new Toesox Tec grip collection.  So, what were the features of each of these collections and how did Toesox Australia make it all happen for you the customers.

Toeseox Tec Grip Collection

The Toesox Tec Grip collection used Ultra Comfort Tech Stretch Technology for performance and comfort, making this our lightest weight sock ever.  With an extra-fine knit texture and strategically placed sole cushioning where you need it most the Tec Grip Sock collection took yoga socks to the next level.


Spring Summer Collection

We were inspired by the beauty all around us, in each person, embracing all things light, bright, oh-so-right with our Toesox ‘Escape’, ‘Beach Please’, ‘Eyelet’, and ‘Pride’ collections.

We escaped reality to enchanted places. We wore our heart on our grip socks with our Tavi ‘Love’ collection and were grounded in peace and serenity with the help of our non-slip socks ‘Blooming Oasis’ collection. But best of all, we felt the air on our feet thanks to our new Tavi Breeze Grip Socks – our lightest sock ever!

We stepped into the world outside our door with our Tavi women’s activewear ‘Blooming Oasis’ collection. We dreamt of enchanted gardens and the enduring essence of nature thanks to the feminine floral style and delicate eyelet details of our Tavi yoga wear ‘Garden Party’ collection.


Fall Winter Collection

After enjoying the delicacy and beauty of the Spring Collection, we then progressed further outdoors thanks to our 2022 Fall Collection.

We packed our bags and we’re ready to roam in rich colours and element-inspired styles that brought the inside out and the outside in, thanks to our Tavi ‘Great Outdoors’, and ‘Adventure’ Collections!

We were inspired by the way thoughtful elements collaborate to create a cool, calm, and cozy vibe. An assortment of Tie dye or dip dye, nail heads or jacquard prints — no matter which finish caught your eye, we put our best foot forward thanks to our Toesox, ‘Refresh’, ‘Winter Dreams’, and ‘Nude’ collection.

Base 33 Collection

Throughout the year we continued to create a serious men's grip sock — one that stops the slip, beats the slide, and keeps you steady on your feet so you can get the most out of every powerful movement. No distractions. Just YOU. We kept you supported with our favourite non-slip socks - Base 33 Low Rise, and the Base 33 Crew grip socks in the core colours you know and love!



The Toesox Australia Team

Despite our changing seasons, there’s always one thing that remained a constant at Toesox Australia throughout 2022 – our Team.

Our Warehouse Assistants, Brenda and Bernard, made sure all your orders were wrapped to perfection adding a unique touch to every order thanks to their personalised cards.

Our Marketing team, Kate, Ellie, and Kirsten worked together to ensure you were up to date on our latest yoga wear Collection drops, giveaways and deals thanks to our social posts, stories, reels and mailouts! 

Our Managing Directors, Cheryl and Adrian, ensured all our teams were on track collaboratively working to make sure all our stock, systems, and procedures were on track and functioning to the best of our abilities.

Finally, our Relationships Manager, Judith, ensured that your experience at Toesox Australia was a smooth and welcoming experience from the moment you decided to order some Yoga Socks or Women’s Activewear, to the moment you’re strutting your stuff in your Studio or Gym.


However, most of our successes experienced throughout 2022 is thanks to our new and returning customers – from those who show their support with a small order of pilates socks, to those who share their generous feedback online, to our wholesalers who show their continued support in a multitude of ways!


We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved in 2022 and can’t wait to see what awaits us in 2023!

May everyone have a safe and joyful Christmas & New Year!