The New Normal

The New Normal

We are in unprecedented times right now.  There is a lot of talk about “What will the new normal be?”  “How will we manage going forward?” “What changes will be made in our society from now on?” With all the change, one thing that has been a constant during this time is doing exercise.

It has been great to see so many people working out simply by walking, running, families bike riding together or  jumping online to do workouts with others. With the new trend of the Zoom workout world, I know that I have been guilty of not bothering to get in my activewear, but have rolled out of bed in my pajamas to do a Mat Pilates session. The best part has been that all I have needed to do is grab my grip gloves and a pair of grip socks and work out!


These Mat Pilates sessions have been fantastic and I have rediscovered a love for this exercise. Especially now as I am getting older it’s so important that I am listening to my body and what it needs, so to allow myself to keep feeling mobile and energised so I can keep up my routines as a working mum. The amount of Mat Pilates variations I have found is fantastic. From a HIIT workout, to a barre routine, to a more traditional meditative forum where I have focused on my breathing.  These sessions have been the foundation of my whole exercise routine and moving forward, this is one new normal I will thoroughly be embracing.


*Toesox Australia stocks grip gloves and a variety of grip socks to help with your Mat Pilates at home*

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