Studio in the Spotlight – Featuring ‘The Pilates Fix’

Studio in the Spotlight – Featuring ‘The Pilates Fix’

They say knowledge is power. What better way to find out the benefits of becoming a Toesox Australia stockist than to hear from other studios and businesses who have already taken the leap and are reaping the rewards.

 We asked Tahlia, the owner of  The Pilates Fix a few questions about her studio.  The Pilates Fix is a Toesox Australia Stockist, and Tahlia was generous enough to share her experiences with the products and services provided by Toesox Australia. Here’s what Tahlia had to say:


What is “The Pilates Fix”?

The Pilates Fix is a boutique studio located in Tauranga, New Zealand offering services including Yoga, Barre, Mat and Reformer Pilates.  Every element of The Pilates Fix is inclusive, from the beautiful environment to the classes. Whether young, old, injured, strong, beginner, postpartum or experienced in their practice, The Pilates Fix caters to all.

There is no rushing, no large classes, and clients know that when they walk through the door, they’ll find exactly what they need, that “Ahh, I’m here!” moment of exhale and tension release. Whether that’s reduced pain, increased strength, improved mental health, confidence, growth, love for yourself, or vitality.  The Pilates Fix is a space where you feel connected - to your body, to the environment and to each other. One of our clients recently described The Pilates Fix’s friendly community as “a slice of paradise where there is no judgment.”

 What makes Tavi and ToeSox a good fit for your studio?

All of our instructors here are big lovers of the ToeSox and Tavi grip sock range.  We love how they never slip down, hug and support the foot, and are extra grippy which helps us to feel more secure on the Pilates Reformers and in the classes. It's easy to share our genuine love of Toesox and Tavi, and we want our clients to experience the same. 

What do you like about the Tavi women’s activewear?

We love the beautiful soft fabrics of the Tavi women’s activewear and how they drape perfectly over different body types. We are lucky enough to wear Tavi women’s activewear as our uniform and often receive compliments asking if people can buy the clothes off our backs! Our clients live busy lives and it's handy for them to be able to buy high-quality women’s activewear in the same location where they sweat.


Have you been thinking about stocking non-slip socks and/or women’s activewear in your studio? What could be a better gift for your clients this Festive Season, than to offer them the best Pilates socks and yoga wear in the “same location where they sweat”?

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