Spring Into Our New Season Grip Socks

Spring Into Our New Season Grip Socks

Spring is in the air and with it new beginnings. As the weather changes and becomes warmer we are more inclined to get moving and active again.

So if you are looking for something fresh and new to activate your workout then why not try some of the new styles that have arrived.

One of the things we love about these new styles is they all have a little sparkle to them like the Full Toe Low Rise Fireside, which may help to distract you whilst doing that teaser or pelvic bridge. Watch the Maddie Tulle shimmer through the open leg rocker and rolling like a ball.

It is also the little details such as a touch of velvet on the Chloe Transcend, new twists with the Penny range, and stylish embellishments on the Lola Transcend that will have you reaching for these new styles. So shop now to enjoy our new sock collection!

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