New Winter 2022 Adventure Collection Has Arrvied!

New Winter 2022 Adventure Collection Has Arrvied!

The first of our Winter 2022 Season has arrived, so let’s talk about what’s new to the ToeSox Australia TAVI Activewear and grip sock collection!

TAVI women’s activewear is a collection of exquisitely designed pieces that fuse fashion and function, timelessness and versatility, luxury with performance. These gym clothes for women offer superior breathability and quick-dry fabrics. This is your escape from the ordinary. The workout wardrobe you've only dreamt of is here. This is TAVI.

Introducing TaviSculpt™ to Lift, Sculpt and Hold

The products you already know, and love have been re-engineered to lift, sculpt and hold where you need it, with the new TaviSculpt™ fabric. This sleek performance fabric is ideal for everything from low to high impact activities. Comfort compression delivers a body-flattering, stay-put fit which means you get both the perfect fit and the ultimate performance.

Rigorously tested to ensure high performance capabilities, this fabric went through extended internal and external wear-testing. Not just yoga clothes, this is women’s activewear you can trust because it has been endorsed by instructors, studio-owners, and customers.

TaviSculpt™ Styles:

  • Adjustable Studio Bra
  • Flutter Bra
  • Pace 7/8 Tight
  • High Waisted Tight
  • High Waisted 7/8 Tight
  • Stash & Dash 7/8 Tight


Pair your yoga wear with a piece from our TAVI Grip Socks collection. Our Pilates Grip Socks Winter 2022 collection are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and consciously engineered to last. These non-slip socks are lusciously soft with impeccable attention to detail and fashion sense.

This season we expand our health journey outside the studio walls and challenge ourselves in the Great Outdoors. Unearth your inner explorer and reveal the active adventurer with our Tavi Grip Sock Adventure Collection. Why not slip on a pair of our Savvy Zion Pilates socks whilst you master the snake on your Reformer. Or sink into the comfort of the Jess Dusk Lynx Yoga socks whilst you find your Zen.

Shop the Full Winter 2022 Tavi Collection here.

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