Legwarmers - The Hottest Accessory This Winter!

Legwarmers - The Hottest Accessory This Winter!

The must-have accessory this season has been the Toesox leg warmers. They are literally running off the shelves, probably as it has felt like a real winter this year, therefore we are looking for a little something to keep us warm – well at least our exposed ankles!

There are a variety of leg warmers to shop from so let’s have a quick look at each:

Knee High – they come in black and charcoal and are worn scrunched. With a cable knit design and with 10% Wool, these babies will keep you warm at home, on the street or in the studio.

Thigh High – they come in black and charcoal and can be worn pulled up or scrunched due to having 1% Elastane. They have a ribbed appearance, plus they also have 7% wool, so can keep you feeling cosy on those cold days.

Sasha – this thigh high version has organic cotton with a soft knitted detail top. Available in black or berry, perfect for the person looking for a lighter weight leg warmer.

Open Heel – if you are looking for a pop of colour then, this is the style for you. Coming in five different brighter shades, this organic cotton leg warmer is perfect for people who need a lightweight coverage. Plus, being worn over the heel, means it stays in place for the day.

Rae – this scrunched knee-high style in vanilla is made from organic cotton. Worn over the foot, to keep it in place for the day.

The Open Heel and Rae leg warmers have also been discounted as this range will no longer be stocked. So, now is the time to give a leg warmer a try. Shop the full range now!