It's Not a One Size Fits All Thing

It's Not a One Size Fits All Thing

I recently went to a yoga class and wanted to match my grip socks to my outfit. Now I am not the type of person who would normally care about such a thing, but lately as I have been wearing my new Tavi Noir Yoga Clothes, which I feel great in, I wanted to continue that feeling as our mindset is just as important when working out. So I grabbed my grip socks and off I went.

The grip socks I chose were actually the first pair of Toesox I had ever owned, and were a freebie. I realized after putting them on, they actually were not my correct size. Therefore, as I was going through the various positions, I found my feet moving in my socks and not anchoring as they normally would in my Toesox. Slowly as the class progressed, I could see and feel that even though these socks matched my outfit, and were of a great benefit as I need to wear grip socks now as I find that otherwise I slip due to sweat, they weren’t having the excellent impact that they should because they weren’t the correct size.

The benefits of ToesoxTavi Noir and Base 33 is that they are not a one size fits all proposition, which truly can’t give you the safety and stability you need when doing Pilates, yoga or barre, where you are relying on the grip and sock to help support you through transitions. By having sizes that relate to your shoe size, you are gaining a sock that will support you through your movement, allowing you to work out safely and hygienically. Our feet shouldn’t be moving in our grip socks and our grip socks shouldn’t be loose on our feet. I guess it is off to the shop to purchase a new pair of Toesox to match my outfit!

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