Inspired to Move

Inspired to Move

Sometimes it can be difficult to be inspired to do that workout that you know you need.  I read somewhere that “any kind of movement is better than nothing.”  Great words to live by, but even after a couple of weeks of life starting to return to normal, it has started to become difficult to make the time and space to do it.

We are quite lucky with the abundance of people who are posting some great workouts to try at home. From mat Pilates, yoga, HIIT and dance, there really is no excuse to at least move.  

Right now due to a little too much self comfort in isolation, wholesome food and movement are the two essentials that are definitely needed.  So even though the active wear doesn’t make me feel the best right now, one thing that I can slip on easily and still feel comfortable in are my Tavi Noir sport socks. Made from organic cotton, the Sport Collection breathes easily, taking away the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty feet.  The ankle tab not only provides comfort, preventing blisters, it also offers that extra support to the achilles.  My favourite feature is how quick drying they are! I can wash them in the afternoon, hang them up and they will be dry for the next morning.  

I know that the best way to reset the mind is to have that morning practice that you know will work for you.  One thing for sure is to make sure we listen to our bodies, to help nurture them, so that we can feel our best, no matter what curve balls life may throw our way.

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