Get Motivated Whilst Working Out!

Get Motivated Whilst Working Out!

I don’t know about you, but when I am working out and it is getting hard, I sometimes need that added bit of inspiration to get through. So why not grab a pair of the latest grip sock to help inspire you!

These yoga grip socks will help you focus on the fun you can have once you have completed your session because with “no pain” we can’t really enjoy the “champagne” (available in low rise in full toe and half toe).

If barre is more your thing, then throw on these non-slip socks whilst you plié away remembering that you can enjoy that happy hour at the bar, once you have hit the barre (available in low rise in full toe and half toe)

For the pilates lovers then remember that “Pilates is your happy hour” then you can grab that drink afterwards! (available in low rise in full toe and half toe).

With everything happening in the world – maybe you just want some “good vibes only” the grip sock available in full toe Luna and perfect for summer with the mesh top.

Don’t forget you can pair all your inspirational non slip socks with the Tavi apparel, the women’s activewear which is perfect for Pilates, yoga, barre and beyond! So get motivated and live your best life, with these great mottos.