Fitness Trends in 2023

Fitness Trends in 2023

The new year is in full swing meaning many of us are embodying the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra. As everyone embarks on their journey towards better health, the fitness industry, especially boutique studios, are heading for peak season!

Staying ahead of trends is essential to finding business success across all industries, especially those saturated with competition like the fitness industry. What are the fitness trends coming our way in 2023? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

Boutique Studios

Compared to ‘traditional’ fitness chains, boutique studios offer a more unique and tailored experience to clients. Boutique gyms and studios are usually those which focus on one specific area of fitness. Through this they can create an exclusive, community-oriented experience.

Studies show that in this post-pandemic world 69% of boutique studios are back to generating at least 75% of their 2019 revenue. Part of this would be accredited to the increase of in-person classes and cliental. Whilst virtual classes still continue to hold a strong place in the fitness market, many virtual customers use the online platform as a stepping stone towards entering in-person studio classes.

Personalisation and Tailored Experiences

As technology continues to advance so too does the expectations of clients. The fitness industry already began to see an increase in demand for tailored fitness regimes with clients searching for a personalised routine tailored using their personal data. It’s expected that this will only continue to grow heading into 2023.

There are a variety of digital solutions and tools that can help you personalise clients’ experience.

What better way to personalise your fitness studio then establishing it as a ‘one stop shop’ for all things business. Offering your clients, the opportunity to purchase grip socks or sport socks, depending on your clients needs, could be the perfect addition to your business plan.

For those looking for something even more niche, offering a selection of womens activewear such as our Tavi apparel could be the perfect way to tailor your customer experience.

Music and Playlist Selection is key

Choosing the right music for your session is key to client success. Many people often report feeling that their performance worsens when they lack access to music they prefer.

Keeping in mind that clients are searching for personalisation so it’s essential that you create the perfect playlist for each session and demographic. Why not even give clients the option to request songs as they workout to keep them included in creating their perfect experience.


How to stay ahead?

The key to business success is staying ahead of your competitors. To do that you need to offer something your competitors don’t. How do you do that? Know the market and stay on top of the trends!

Even at Toesox we’re working to stay ahead of the trends! Our team ensure we regularly stay in touch with all new and existing wholesalers making sure their experience with us is meeting their expectations.

A small gift with every order and a hand written card is our way of showing that, no matter how small the order, each customer who places an order at Toesox Australia is valued!

Our selection of grip socks for men and women, yoga accessories, leg warmers, yoga wear, Pilates socks, non-slip socks and gym clothes for women are the perfect addition for those gyms and boutique studios looking to create a new selling point in their business.


Source: Wellness Living (13/12/22)