Feel the Wonder this Season

Feel the Wonder this Season

As the song indicates “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” but as we get older we can lose the wonder of this time due to the rushing and busyness that surrounds the Christmas season. Plus many of us are limping to the end of the year, as we are exhausted from work and our busy lives. Then there is the stress of whose hosting Christmas and the cleaning, cooking and preparations that surround this event. Wonder, what wonder with checklists and present shopping and parties and catching up with everyone – it just feels like a roller coaster of getting through!

However come the 26 December when the stress is over and we have a couple of days of down time and a chance to think again, we begin to look at New Year’s resolutions with one of the biggest being to lose weight or exercise more often. How do you recapture the wonder so that movement and exercise can be an enjoyable experience that you can look forward too?

One way is to reconnect with what brought you joy as a child. Just getting up and playing fun games in the outdoors. As a mother of two young children, playing tip is a big game my kids love to play. The catch cry of “chase me, get me” being yelled out across the park as you take off and try to catch them and realizing that as they have gotten older they are getting faster, or are you getting slower? Running when it is a game always seems so much easier, and the laughter from the children certainly makes it feel that it isn’t a chore. Also, I love the backyard cricket game, especially at this time of year when all the family gets involved. The sledging is fun, the competitive spirit comes out and of course there is always the second chances for the little ones who are still trying to learn the skills. The best part about playing like when we were children is that the workout also becomes part of spending quality time with the family.

Finally as we get older, it is great to run around and rediscover the wonder of when we were children, but our bodies don’t seem to bounce back like they used to so having a practice of stretching, Pilates or yoga is such a great way to nurture our bodies so that we can keep moving. Therefore hitting a studio which we need to fit into our lives can sometimes feel more like a chore than fun. So why not bring some fun to this time and rediscover some wonder with the latest Disney Collection grip socks.

The sparkles, shimmers and general detailing will definitely have you checking your feet out as you head to Pilates and yoga and the non-slip socks will support you on this journey. Available in the Toesox five toe style or the Tavi slip on style, these non-slip socks will help to bring the wonder back to your next workout!