Fall 22 The Great Outdoors Collection

Fall 22 The Great Outdoors Collection

Brilliant blue lakes that glisten under the rising sun. The smooth curves of faraway canyons. Layers upon layers of red rocks. We’re talking about the striking beauty of our National Parks — our designer’s inspiration for this season.

With the Fall 22 Great Outdoors Collection, we’ve packed our bags and we’re ready to roam in rich colours and element-inspired styles that bring the inside out and the outside in. This season we expand our health journey outside the studio walls and challenge ourselves in the Great Outdoors.

So, what’s new to the Tavi Grip Socks and Womens Activewear Collection?

With this collection of TAVI Women’s Activewear say hello to rich colours, luxurious fabrics, and a collection that defines itself by its affinity to the Great Outdoors.

Something New – Try out our new 7/8 Pace Tight, featuring our signature TaviSculpt™ fabric which lifts, smooths, and flatters. It delivers compression in all the right places, so you can look and feel good, both on and off the mat. PLUS, our waffle textural print is created using a technique that is eco-friendly with no harsh dyes or chemicals.

TAVI 7/8 Pace Tight – Forest Waffle

It's not just the gym clothes for women taking a step closer to luxury, it’s the Pilates socks too! In our TAVI Grip Socks, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air thanks to our certified GOTS organic cotton threads, and auxiliary arch band which supports and comforts your feet as you move.

Something NEW – Why not experience the TAVI non slip socks difference in one of our newest styles, ‘Luanna’! Double the straps. Double the fun. Luanna’s double strap elastic lets your feet breathe while keeping your socks secure on your feet. 








Luanna Ebony

Why you’ll love the new TAVI Adventure Collection!

Made using a CO2-neutral production process from low-water-use beech trees, TaviLuxe™ is planet friendly and performance driven. All fibres are biodegradable meaning they can re-enter the ecosystem once they’re past the point of wear. Although, we know you won’t have to say goodbye to your TAVI Activewear Great Outdoors Collection as the beautiful TaviLuxe™ fabric keeps its colour brilliance and striking lustre wear after wear, wash after wash.

All TAVI Pilates socks are made using GOTS certified organic cotton engineered to last. Using custom coloured and blended yarns; gemstones; and unexpected accessories, this collection of non-slip socks are as unique as you are…

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