Choose Toesox Sandals This Summer

Choose Toesox Sandals This Summer

In traditional thongs the single thin strap between the big toe and second toe can lead to toe gripping and a change in gait. The continuous gripping of the digits to hold onto the thong can lead to an intrinsic / extrinsic muscle imbalance in the foot which ultimately leads to  hammertoes.



In a toe spread sandal such as that created by ToeSox a small strap is placed between each of the five digits allowing a more secure foot placement as well as a splinting effect for intrinsic muscles of the digits.   Subject perception is that of much more comfort and improved function when wearing a toe spread sandal.



There are a variety of styles to choose from for women:

Mazzy – Fashionable braided straps; lightly padded for comfort; vegan leather upper, lining, toe posts and footbed

Zuma – Neoprene lining and toe posts; vegan leather covered yoga mat footbed; gently supported arch plug;

And men:

Encino – breathable vegan leather strap and toe separators; soft durable vegan leather lining; cushy yoga mat midsole; high impact sole for support and durability; footbed cradles heel for proper positioning.

Why not give them a try this summer!